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I’m Désirée — strategist, consultant, facilitator and writer working across business and brand development, communications, and transformation. I’m almost 15 years into this exciting field and I still get thrills.

I am fascinated with exploring the grey spaces between the business world and our individual selves, connecting the professional with the personal, the trending with the pragmatic.

Get inspired with insights, ideas, and perspectives on building a brand-driven business, achieving sustainable success as a brand or professional in a fast-paced world, and everything in between that stimulates my brain!

I also share personal anecdotes and experiences that can only take place in the safe space behind a paywall. This is where the breakthroughs, opinions and connecting with my readers happens.

Glad you’re here. Let’s reimagine the business world together.


This is the right place for you, if…

You are curious about what is happening around you in a wider context and want to make sense of the shifts taking place.

You want to create a fulfilled career without loosing yourself in the process.

You are a creative, critical thinker and question how things have always been done, looking to explore possibilities and create new realities.

You are open-minded and seek others’ perspectives instead of sticking to your usual algorithm diet.

Broadening your horizon is more than a catch-phrase for you, it’s a compulsion. You are entrepreneurial in how you think and consider things.

You want to sharpen your strategic thinking skills so you can better recognize opportunities for you, your team and your organisation.From one creative explorer and critical thinker to another

We’re all looking for our place in the big picture.

From one creative explorer and independent thinker to another

Let’s seek to question and rewire the patterns of how we do things where necessary and experiment with how we could in the future where possible.

This newsletter is also a community, which you can contribute to and be part of as paying subscriber. Comments, discussions and ideas are welcomed and encouraged.

We are in this together because business is about more than economic gain. It’s about an ecosystem of shared values, collaboration and relationships.

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Désirée Bambynek

Strategist, facilitator, consultant, writer & studio founder. Exploring the business behind brands, effective communication, strategic management & growth, and professional becoming.